"There is great comfort in knowing that the Home still stands, that its commitment to our most treasured citizens remains unchanged by the passage of time, that members of the Home's family...work quiet miracles - year after year - providing safety, quality care, and dignity to the vulnerable...I am aware that "quiet heroes" require no thanks other than the privilege of sharing in the richness of the lives of the...residents...I do ask, however that you accept...(our) family's sincere wish for blessings on your amazing staff and on the "treasures" for which you have been called upon to love."


"From the moment I walked in (to the Home), I knew this place was different, it was a Godsend. I feel fortunate and blessed to have her here, and am 150% pleased! The care is wonderful from the nurses and technicians. They know who I am and answer every question I might have. They give me an immediate response and want the problem resolved right then and there. I would highly recommend this Home to anyone."

Husband of resident

 "I have learned a lot about myself and other residents since I've been living here. I am learning how to fight ALS and what the other residents are going through, too. I try to help the others here as much as I can and if I had two good legs, I would be more helpful. But I try and have a much better outlook toward life. Coming here has given me a new perspective, and a better outlook. Who knows what it would be like living in another facility? You don't have the opportunities like you have here. This is why I chose the Home."


"Now this place is my home. I watch the Redskins football games whenever they are on TV and listen to my music. I have friends here, everyone knows me, and I am not alone. I know that the staff here tries to find out what they can do for you and one thing is for sure, they will give you the help you need. This place saved me and there is no place like this Home."


"Being here is the best place I could be. They keep everything so clean. They are cleaning all the time and I say I have to get out of the way because they're mopping again! But the main thing is that the care starts with the folks at the top and works its way down to everyone. They all listen to you, they hear you. You've got to be here to believe it!"


"Coming to the Home has given me a great sense of security. I like to go out on my own, right across the street to the Friendship Heights Shopping Center. It's great having everything so close because my legs give out if I walk too far. But I enjoy my trips to the grocery store and love milling around the shops. The convenience, safety and location of the Home are really wonderful. I'm truly blessed to be here."


"I know everybody in this building. I know people from my neighborhood who have come and gone from here, like my Aunt and Uncle. I cam here because it is part of my territory, it's where I belong. When I set foot in this place I recognized my friends form the neighborhood. Things keep percolating around here, it's a happy place. I get to meet people and to reminisce. I want people to know about this place and come by, sit back and check it out. Look and listen, get inspired and later on, give me a high five."


"I've always loved to paint, and enjoy the Resident Art Program at the Home. Painting used to be my hobby. I like painting colorful things like balloons, jelly beans. Some of my paintings hang in my room and I am very proud of the jelly bean painting! It's very detailed and really catches the eye. Painting helps me to take away the stress of everyday life, I'm glad the Home offers me the chance to do that."


"I have found a wonderful home here because it is the best nursing home it can be. The people here are very nice and understanding. I try to keep my life here very normal, stay busy and get involved. You have to put yourself in motion if you want to live a normal and happy life. I try to encourage people and have compassion for those around me. It is important to take care of yourself."


"This is a very friendly, caring place for my parents to be in. I feel that they enjoy the activities and are getting excellent care. The staff knows my family and they keep us up to date. Keeping my parents together was important to all of us and the Home helped to make that a reality."

Daughter of Residents

"On behalf of our dear Mother..., we would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the LLDH staff..., who have invested so dearly to create a warm and considerate environment. You are an amazing team! From our visits and daily talks with Mom, we marvel at the extraordinary efforts of so many and the culture of kindness and caring that permeates the Home. The nursing staff has masterfully balanced carrying out their professional duties in ways that convey compassion and concern for their resident patients and their families. We notice the attention to detail of the housekeepers and the cheery ladies in the dining areas who serve up smiles along with helpful assistance for those in need...both arriving and leaving, I'm always cordially greeted by the helpful and courteous telephone receptionists. As her family, we have such good feelings our Mother is in a loving and safe place. Most important, Mom feels the same way...she tells us often! Please share this letter and our grateful appreciation and thankfulness to all those who contribute so much."


"When my mother's previous home closed its doors, she was transferred to the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home. While we knew and liked the LLDH Home, I was concerned that Mom, Ada Lucey, would miss the personal attention that the much smaller facility had afforded. All at the LLDH Home soon calmed my fears. While it is a larger, full-service facility, the staff knows and works with each resident individually.

Many on staff made a point of getting to know my mother, and all watched over her with care. The commitment of the LLDH Home staff gave me the peace of mind of knowing that my mother was well-cared for at all times. While she was not at the LLDH Home very long, she was happy to have made friends with so many on staff, and I appreciated that their friendship was so generously extended to Mom."

Daughter Of Resident