Programs for seniors living at the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home include:


In keeping with the desires of the Home's founders, Abraham and Laura Lisner, the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home provides complete housing services and, further, sustains and preserves affordable housing for low income and modest income seniors of the District of Columbia. Housing for residents includes private accommodations in our residential facilities and single or double rooms in the nursing facility, each looking out to landscaped gardens and spacious courtyards. Out-of-town family members and friends are encouraged to visit so please inquire about the availability of guest rooms.


No two people are the same. Recognizing and embracing the diversity of each individual, the staff of the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home works with every resident and his or her loved ones to create a program tailored to meet the needs of each senior. Programs are regularly reviewed to identify resident changes and to ensure that consistent and appropriate care is provided at all times. A highly qualified health care team, each member being as friendly and caring as they are professional, assures the delivery of all medical, psychosocial, nutritional, and ancillary services.


Caring about the whole family has always been an integral part of the Home's philosophy because we know that great care and services can only be delivered when recognizing the role of family and friends. We share a common goal to enable each resident to live life to the fullest. Social gatherings and focus groups, including the Home's Family Council, create an essential support network for families and friends of all ages.


The Home is fully staffed to provide skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy to all residents. In addition, the Home offers a short term rehabilitation program to residents of the greater Washington, D.C. area; the Home is able to provide these skilled rehabilitation services via Medicare Part A. Following short term rehabilitation, individuals can return to their home thereby reinforcing the ability to "age in place."


Education, friendship, and caring are main components of our volunteer program. Reading, storytelling, resident oral histories, and special projects are focal points of our "education" component. Through an integrated program of activities, volunteers, especially children, develop a positive image of older adults while helping residents achieve a sense of fulfillment. The "friendship" component helps volunteers develop a sense of empathy and respect for aging individuals while the "caring" component provides opportunities for volunteers to fulfill their desire to give back to the community while allowing seniors to share their insight, gifts and talents. Our program encourages relationship-building between residents and members of the community.