Covid-19 Update July 28, 2021

We hope you are all having a wonderful and safe summer thus far. Those of us here at the Home have been enjoying many social activities, including daily Olympic events this week such as “feats of strength” and “synchronized swimming” (without the water)!

We had promised you that we would keep you informed of any significant changes or updates in our operational status due to the pandemic. Our Medical Director has determined that, given the current increase in numbers of cases of COVID-19 here in DC coupled with the extreme contagion level of the Delta variant of the virus, we will be requiring that visitors to the Home be masked at all times and maintain appropriate social distancing while in the building. This requirement extends to all visitors regardless of vaccination status. However, vaccination status will be a determinant in where the visits occur. This requirement goes into effect immediately. It is certainly our hope that, as more people avail themselves of the vaccines and case numbers begin to decline, we can lift these limitations.
We trust that all of you understand how important it is that we ensure the wellbeing of our residents and, once again, urge any of you who have not been vaccinated to do so. We can take care of ourselves and those we love through this one simple act. You may continue to make appointments to visit the residents through the scheduling app at or by calling the Social Services staff at the Home. You will notice that, when using the online scheduler, we are now asking you to tell us in advance your vaccination status so we can take the proper safety precautions to protect the residents and our staff during your time here at the Home. You may choose not to share your vaccination status; however, those who do not share will be asked to follow the same procedures for those who are not vaccinated.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly via phone or email if you have any questions.