Covid-19 Update April 16, 2021

There is an old Chinese proverb which says, “life begins the day you start a garden.” Here at the Home, one of our newest undertakings to engage the residents has been the planting of a vegetable and flower garden on the grounds. Gardening provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits…we have our hands in the dirt, our heads in the sun, and our hearts full of happiness. What’s not to love? We’re just getting started so it will be a while before we have any produce ready to harvest but, we’ll be watching closely for those first sprouts. We’re hoping for quite a bounty that our terrific Dietary staff will turn into tasty, nutritious dishes. Fresh flowers will also make for great table arrangements when the residents gather to share a meal.

Two weeks ago we began to slowly reopen our doors for inside visits and it’s been such a joy to witness these early reunions. The staff is so excited and they are jumping in whenever they’re needed to help monitor the visits to keep everyone safe while COVID-19 remains a factor. Our weekly testing protocol continues to show negative results for everyone and we have now achieved a 94.5% vaccination rate among our employees. We are so proud of everyone for their willingness to take this positive step toward stopping this terrible pandemic.

We hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful spring weather and that you will continue to arrange to visit residents in whatever fashion you find most comfortable. Please remember to reach out to our Social Services and/or Activities staff to arrange a date and time; our website also provides an online link to book visits which you can access at

We remain deeply committed to giving our best to assure the wellbeing, health and safety of all of our residents. Please continue to stay safe and well.

Please click on the link to find out more about the DC government vaccine updates

We continuously strive to provide the best care for the residents. Our mission to give the residents the best quality of life possible remains our number one priority. Now, more than ever, a donation from you could help us continue to provide the essential care needed for our residents during this difficult time. Please consider donating today by clicking on the Donate Now link below.

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