July 1, 2020

Here we are, having hit the mid-year month of July, which has typically included large, boisterous gatherings of people sharing food and spectacular fireworks all around the country as we celebrate our Independence Day. The July 4th holiday has always been a favorite of many Americans. This year, the gatherings will be much smaller, and most firework displays have been cancelled as the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and its continuing surge remains front and center in our minds. A more subdued celebration may not necessarily be a bad thing as it gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that has happened in America both recently and over the years and it offers the chance to focus our thoughts on the positive ways we can go about helping our country heal and reunite. While there is still hard work ahead to defeat this virus and end social and racial injustice, the American “can do” spirit will get us all through this and the Home remains right there in the fight with you.

All of our residents and staff, on both the nursing facility wing and the assisted living/community residential wing, remain negative for COVID-19; this is our second consecutive week with no new cases. This has given us further incentive to begin to add more opportunities for visitations between residents and family members, to restart more in-house activities, to allow communal dining, and to arrange for our beautician to return for one-on-one appointments so that the residents can, once again, look and feel on the outside like the beautiful people they are! As well, our banking attendant will soon be meeting resident banking needs by scheduled, on request visits. No co-mingling of nursing facility and assisted living/community residential facility residents will be allowed and there will be nursing staff assigned to observe social interactions so as to ensure infection control protocols are, as always, being followed.

We cannot, unfortunately, provide you now with any more specific information about when exactly these changes will take effect; we can promise you that, as our plans become more concrete, we will provide you with all the details. Like the tortoise, we will slowly and surely prevail in this race. Please continue to stand with us and have a safe, socially distanced, mask wearing July 4th!

We would like to urge all of you who find yourselves shopping online, possibly substantially more during this time of confinement, to help us further by ordering products via smile.amazon.com, When you do, AmazonSmileFoundation will donate 5% of your total purchase price to the Home; just select the Abraham and Laura Lisner Home (aka Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt Home) as the charitable organization you wish to receive donations. The staff here at the Home are themselves purchasing more and more essential equipment and health care products online, and will certainly be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future.

We continuously strive to provide the best care for the residents. Our mission to give the residents the best quality of life possible remains our number one priority. Now, more than ever, a donation from you could help us continue to provide the essential care needed for our residents during this difficult time. Please consider donating today by clicking on the Donate Now link below.

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